Code of conduct

Compliance system

The companies of the Generali Deutschland Group conduct their business activities in a responsible manner and in compliance with legal provisions. A sustainable compliance in the Generali Deutschland Group creates trust with customers and partners. Therefore the Board of Management of Generali Deutschland maintains binding compliance programmes for all companies of the Generali Deutschland Group. Furthermore the companies of the Generali Deutschland Group have adopted various guidelines which support employees in their task of fulfilling increasingly demanding legal requirements.

For that purpose, the Generali Deutschland Group has adopted the Code of Conduct of the international Generali Group, which applies for all employees of the Generali Deutschland Group. Third parties who act on behalf of the Group are expected to adhere to the principles set out in the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct comprises specific rules of conduct for the employees, in particular with regard to issues such as anti-bribery and anti-corruption, assets and business data protection and customer relations. This strengthens the trust of customers, partners, employees and the general public in a fair and ethical conduct of the company and of all employees.

To implement these rules of conduct, regular training is provided across the Group. In addition, so-called compliance officers have been appointed in all major Group companies. They are the contacts in all compliance issues and report regularly to the responsible management bodies. Beyond this, the Group companies have appointed two external lawyers and ombudspersons, which the employees can contact regarding suspected infringements of compliance rules and who will keep the identity of the persons providing the information as strictly confidential.

In addition to these general rules of conduct, a Group-wide programme has been established to provide for the observance of anti-trust rules by indicating precise guidelines for all employees of the Generali Deutschland Group. On the basis of a Group-wide network of compliance officers and by regular training courses for employees in sensitive areas it is ensured that the guidelines are implemented equally across the Group and that infringements of anti-trust law are avoided.

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