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Keeping up with medical progress

How you can benefit with a dental plan

Imagine you have an accident and lose two front teeth. If you opt for a dental bridge to replace the missing teeth, your dentist needs to file down the healthy teeth on either side of the gap. The dental bridge would then be attached to the two re-shaped teeth and span four teeth. 

Most people today prefer to have implants which do not affect any healthy teeth and are an aesthetic improvement, but they are also much more expensive than a bridge. Dental implants are a very good example of medical progress and how it provides better solutions for patients, but it also means costs that for many people are not affordable without private insurance. This shows that a private dental plan can help you benefit from dental progress while keeping your part of the cost low.

By the way: according to a recent study of the Association of Private Health Insurers in Germany (PKV), 52 per cent of Germans need tooth replacement at one point in their lives. As public health funds are only permitted to cover a part of the cost – not the full cost – private dental cover is important for those who set a great store by modern and comprehensive dental care.

With our dental plans you can benefit from excellent additional services and protect your teeth in the long term. Decide for yourself which plan offers the best protection for you and how much you want to spend on dental insurance.

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All-round protection for your health

Complement your dental plan with additional benefits.

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PraxisExtra – Our comprehensive outpatient plan: worldwide travel health insurance for trips up to six weeks combined with attractive benefits such as outpatient care, including alternative health practitioners (Heilpraktiker) as well as dental services and optical products.

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PraxisTop – Our premium outpatient plan: offers even more benefits than PraxisExtra, for example check-ups and additional dental services.

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