Our plan for children and youths

StarterPlus is the ideal supplementary plan for children and young people up to the age of 29. It provides additional benefits in key areas such as hospital treatment, restorative dental treatment, complementary medicine, and also offers protection for worldwide travel.

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Key benefits

  • During your stay in hospital, you will be treated as a private patient: attended by the senior consultant with accommodation in a two-bed room
  • You are covered worldwide: Insurance protection on travel abroad
  • You can reduce your own contribution for dental restoration, crowns and inlays. Meeting of costs of up to 40 percent of the total amount, so that together with the advance payment by the ‘Techniker Krankenkasse’, up to 80 percent of the total dental expenses charged are assumed
  • You can also receive treatment from an alternative medical practitioner: Reimbursement of 80 percent of the medical expenses for treatment and prescribed medication, up to a maximum of EUR 1,000.00 within two consecutive calendar insurance years


Attendance by head physician or 10 Euro cash benefit per day if the insured person waives the option of attendance by head physician or accommodation in two-bed room.

Hospital accommodation

  • Two-bed room,
  • statutory 10 Euro charge for each day in hospital (up to a maximum of 28 days per calendar year).


  • Up to 40 percent of the invoice amount for restorative dental treatment (e.g. dentures, crowns, implants and inlays). Together with the TK benefit, you will be reimbursed for up to 80 percent of the invoice amount.
  • Benefit limitations: Within the first three years of the start of the policy we cover up to 500 Euro per year. If you do not claim on your policy, the amounts will add up to 1,500 Euro in the third year. After that no limitations apply. No benefit limitations apply in the event of an accident.
  • Waiting period: Eight months.
  • Additional benefits: available for preventative dental care and fillings (in combination with top-up plan Pro).


  • Complementary and alternative medicine: 80 percent of fees charged by alternative/complementary practitioners, including medication prescribed by them – up to a maximum of 1,000 Euro within two consecutive calendar years.
  • Visual aids: for adults - an allowance of up to 150 Euro for visual aids (glasses, corrective lenses) within two consecutive calendar years. Children and youths receive a 150 Euro allowance per insured event if approved and subsidised by TK.

Travel abroad

  • Health insurance cover for travel abroad up to six weeks.
  • Repatriation (where medically necessary or if at the beginning of treatment the hospital stay is expected to last longer than two weeks).

The following applies to all benefit statements
The content and scope of insurance cover are defined by the plan, the confirmation of insurance coverage, the general terms and conditions of insurance (AVB), the application, the policy document as well as any additional written agreement. Provider and risk carrier is Envivas Krankenversicherung AG. The general terms and conditions of insurance (AVB) are available in German on the Envivas website.

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