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99 % of our customers recommend us to others
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ZahnFlex rated  'excellent' (1.1) by Assekurata

Supplementary dental insurance ZahnFlex - the most important facts in brief

How to drastically reduce your out-of-pocket expenses

Overview of costs

Zahnarztkosten für Vollkeramikbrücke, Kunsttofffüllung, Keramikkrone, Keramik-Inlay und Wurzelbehandlung

  • 100% coverage for dental treatments (including Techniker Krankenkasse reimbursement)  –
    up to the maximum annual amount you have chosen
    500 € / 1,000 € / 2,000 € / 4,000 € / unlimited
  • Professional dental cleaning - up to 175 euros per year on all plan levels
  • Entry level plan for every budget and every need - perfectly tailored to your needs
  • Uncomplicated upgrading to higher maximum benefits to meet increasing needs as you get older - without new medical underwriting and waiting period

Benefits of our private dental insurance plan ZahnFlex

The right dental insurance to suit your individual needs

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  • The supplementary dental insurance ZahnFlex has been designed especially for TK members. The monthly premium depends on age and you may have to pay a surcharge for missing teeth that have not been replaced.

    The following applies to all benefit statements

    The content and scope of insurance cover are determined by the provisions of the selected plan, the general terms and conditions of insurance (AVB), the insurance application or request for cover, the insurance policy as well as any additional written agreement. Provider and risk carrier is ENVIVAS Krankenversicherung AG.
    The general terms and conditions of insurance (AVB) are available in German on the ENVIVAS website.

  • Digitale Broschüre ZahnFlex Download
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  • Wichtige Vertragsunterlagen ZahnFlex mit Versicherungsbeginn ab 01.03.2023 (inkl. AVB) Download
    (PDF, 877.4 KB)

ZahnFlex dental plan – what you need to know

A simple way to  reduce your out-of-pocket dental expenses.

A bright smile is the secret to a good first impression - and is most beautiful with healthy teeth. Keep your smile beautiful with the right preventive dental care as well as excellent dental services regarding treatment and tooth replacement.

Why should I buy a dental plan?

Because public health insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung/ GKV) only covers a fixed portion of the cost of dental treatments.

With our supplementary dental insurance ZahnFlex, you can reduce out-of-pocket expenses considerably.

ZahnFlex offers five different levels of dental cover. Each of them covers dental treatments, restorative dental work (crowns, inlays, implants) and preventive dental services. The plans only differ in terms of the maximum annual benefit, which means the highest amount the plan will reimburse per year. It is up to you to decide which plan level best suits your needs.

  • ZahnFlex covers 100% of the cost (including Techniker Krankenkasse reimbursement) of dental treatments, tooth replacement/ restorative dental work (crowns, inlays, implants) and preventive dental services.
  • We reimburse you for up to 175 euros per year for professional dental cleaning - on all plan levels.
  • Would you like to insure your children? The plan ZahnFlex.Kind also covers costs for orthodontics. See ZahnFlex for children

Private dental insurance ZahnFlex - Levels of dental cover

Your insurance cover will grow with your needs

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As a rule, the need for dental treatment increases as we get older. ZahnFlex allows you to choose the maximum annual benefit that is right for you – based on your current needs. ZahnFlex is a smart solution that provides excellent protection because the annual benefit increases automatically every three years - but only if you want it to.

It's as simple as that:

  • Our offer: Every three years you will be upgraded to a higher plan level without any new medical underwriting and new waiting period. This is a straightforward and simple way to increase your cover automatically. This innovative solution provides maximum protection from rising dental costs and is only available at Envivas.This innovative solution allows you to reduce your dental out-of-pocket expenses considerably. It is only available at Envivas.
  • If you do not want to upgrade to the higher level plan, just let us know – there is no need to give any reasons. After rejecting our offer three times in a row, however, the automatic upgrading offer ends. After that, upgrading your dental insurance requires new medical underwriting and new waiting periods for the additional benefits. See how this works in our examples below .

Supplementary dental insurance for children and young people

Comprehensive benefits to keep your child's teeth healthy for a long time

Healthy teeth in childhood are the best way to ensure healthy teeth when children get older. If the upper and lower sets of teeth meet in perfect alignment, this will have a positive effect on the whole body.

Orthodontic treatments are often very expensive. ZahnFlex helps you reduce dental out-of-pocket expenses. Apart from dental treatment, tooth replacement and preventive dental services it also covers orthodontic treatment for children.

ZahnFlex helps you keep your child’s teeth healthy and beautiful. The plan has an annual benefit maximum of 1,000 euros. In this way you ensure a healthy bite and beautiful teeth for your children.

Our dental insurance ZahnFlex.Kind is available to children and young people up to 20 years of age. To ensure that your child can continue to enjoy good dental health, we offer the plan levels ZahnFlex.S or ZahnFlex.M after their 21st birthday. Without new medical underwriting or waiting times. You can continue to insure your child in ZahnFlex.S or ZahnFlex.M in your own policy, or your child takes out their own policy.

Envivas Tarif ZahnFlex Kindertarif

It is estimated that more than half of all children and adolescents in Germany receive regular orthodontic treatment over a period of two to four years. (Federal Audit Office 2018)

Our private dental plan ZahnFlex

Some examples to show how upgrading to a higher plan level works

Susanne (47) works part-time.  She wants comprehensive cover.

Susanne regularly goes to the dentist to receive dental services. That's why she opts for plan level ZahnFlex.L.

Three years later, her needs haven't changed so she doesn't want an upgrade.

Six years into her insurance cover she still finds her plan level sufficient and doesn't want to switch to a higher plan level.

After nine years, Susanne still doesn't want to be upgraded. She has rejected the upgrade offer three times in a row. As a result, she will not receive any further offers. Should she want to switch to a higher plan level later, she will have to

  • undergo new medical underwriting, that means answer some questions about her dental status
  • wait eight months before she can claim the new maximum benefit amount

Julia (24) has finished her studies and chooses a smart entry-level plan into dental insurance.

She currently has little money available but wants dental cover so she chooses ZahnFlex.S.

Julia's income is still the same and her teeth are healthy. She rejects the upgrade offer.

Julia is now 30 years old. She earns more now and first dental treatments may be needed soon. She accepts the upgrade offer and switches to ZahnFlex.M.

As dental treatments are more frequent now, she switches to the higher level ZahnFlex.L. - a clever idea because this comes without new medical underwriting and waiting periods. Julia's decision to switch plans was the right one for her.

Markus (35) works full-time. He wants reasonably priced basic cover.

He enters at ZahnFlex.M level.

His dental cover is sufficient. He rejects two upgrade offers, one after three and one after 6 years.

His appointments at the dentist's office are becoming more frequent. So he decides to switch to the higher plan level ZahnFlex.L.

Three years later, his needs haven't changed, so he rejects the upgrade offer.

At the age of 50 and with a view to the future, Markus accepts the next upgrade offer and opts for ZahnFlex.XL - without any medical underwriting and waiting times and although the condition of his teeth has worsened.

Simply keeping up with medical progress

Why dental insurance is worth it

Imagine you have an accident and lose two front teeth. If you opt for a bridge to replace the missing teeth, your dentist needs to file down the healthy teeth on either side of the gap. The bridge would then be fitted onto the two re-shaped teeth and span four teeth.

Most people today prefer to have dental implants which do not affect any of their healthy teeth and are an aesthetic improvement. Unfortunately, they are also much more expensive than dental bridges. This is a very good example of medical progress which provides better solutions for patients, but also means costs that for many people are not affordable without private insurance. This is why a private dental plan can quickly pay off.

By the way: according to a recent study of the Association of Private Health Insurers in Germany (PKV), 52% of Germans need tooth replacement at one point in their lives. As statutory health insurance funds are only permitted to cover a part of the cost – not the full cost – private dental cover is important for those who value modern and comprehensive dental care.

To sum it up: with our dental plans you can benefit from excellent additional services and protect your teeth in the long term. Decide for yourself which plan level offers the best protection for you and how much you want to spend on dental insurance.

Interested in buying dental insurance?

If you are interested in taking out insurance online, please visit our German website.

Hints and tips for English speakers:
If you need help with our German application form, you can use a Browser Translation extension. This extension adds a button to your browser toolbar. Click the translate icon whenever you want to translate the page you're visiting. And of course feel free to call us: 0221 - 27 14 05 70 and we will be happy to help you.


When should I take out a private dental plan with Envivas?

Start as early as possible: your premium depends on your age. So the earlier you take out ZahnFlex the lower the premium will be. You are welcome to use our premium calculator for ZahnFlex.

What is my monthly premium with Envivas?

The amount of your monthly premium depends on your age, dental health and the insurance benefits you require. Calculate your individual monthly premium for ZahnFlex now.

How can I insure my children with Envivas?

For your children, we offer ZahnFlex.Kind. This dental plan offers insurance cover for orthodontics, preventive dental care, dental treatment and restorative dental treatment (tooth replacement).

You would like to make sure that your child is also well cared for in hospital? Then take out our hospital plan KlinikSpezial - so that your child is also well cared for during an inpatient stay.

How do missing teeth affect my insurance premium?

For each missing tooth that has not been not replaced, we charge an additional premium of 1€/2€/3€/4€/5€ in plan levels ZahnFlex.S / ZahnFlex.M / ZahnFlex.L / ZahnFlex.XL / ZahnFlex.MAX. In ZahnFlex.Kind, a premium surcharge of 2€ applies for each non-replaced tooth.

What else do I need to know about missing and non-replaced teeth?

We can only offer insurance cover in ZahnFlex.MAX if you have a maximum of three missing, non-replaced teeth. So if four or more teeth are missing and have not been replaced, you will not be able to buy this plan.

Do I get reimbursed for preventive dental care, especially for professional dental cleaning?

Yes, in ZahnFlex you will be fully reimbursed for the cost of professional dental cleaning up to an annual amount of 175 euros on all plan levels.

I would like to have a dental implant. Does Envivas pay for this?

Yes, we do.

Dental implants are very expensive. That is why we recommend that you let us have a copy of the pre-treatment estimate (Heil-und Kostenplan), in which your dentist describes the proposed treatment and what it will cost. We will check it for you and make sure the services are covered before your dental treatment begins.

If you visit a private dentist, let us have a copy of your dentist's cost estimate.

What else should I know about the reimbursement of costs?

Dental treatments may involve expenses that we cannot reimburse. These expenses are called non-reimbursable.

Here are two examples of non-reimbursable costs.

Example 1: You wish to have treatment that is not covered by your dental plan ZahnFlex.

Example 2: The dental bill does not meet the  standards set out in the GOZ (Gebührenordnung für Zahnärzte) - a dentist fee schedule determined by a regulatory body. Among other things, it defines how much a dentist can charge for a service. After receiving your claim, we will review the dentist’s bill. If it does not meet the GOZ rules, (for example because it shows incorrect items or codes, or the dentist is overcharging), we will not reimburse you for these expenses.

Before your dental treatment starts...

Your dentist will draw up a so-called pre-treatment estimate (Heil-und Kostenplan). This document lists the proposed services that the dentist intends to provide during the planned treatment. We then check this pre-treatment estimate. If we find there are services you will not be reimbursed for, we will inform you immediately before treatment begins.

Of course you are always welcome to contact us and find out about your insurance cover. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

What is the minimum contract period of my Envivas dental plan?

Basically, the insurance contract runs for an indefinite period with a minimum contract period of two insurance years in the ZahnFlex plan. The first insurance year begins on the date specified in the insurance policy and ends on 31 December of the respective calendar year. After that, the following applies: insurance year = calendar year.

This means that if you want to cancel your policy, your cancellation must be received by 30 September of the respective calendar year at the latest.

Please note that cancelling your contract may have negative consequences. Changing insurers, for example, can lead to a partial or complete loss of the ageing provisions you have acquired, a higher entry age (= higher premium) as well as new medical underwriting.