Additional protection for hospital stays - extra benefits for inpatients

The extra service for those insured with Techniker Krankenkasse

Private patient status in hospital

Find the best hospital plan for your needs

  • enjoy the benefits of being a private patient without worrying about the additional cost
  • free choice of doctor, for example consultant
  • extra comfort thanks to private or semi-private room in hospital
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Extra services for TK members
tailor-made for you

Our hospital plans: tailor-made for TK members

In Germany, public health insurance is regulated by the legislator. That means Techniker Krankenkasse as a public health insurer, or health insurance fund, can only cover you for medical procedures and services which are part of the legal framework. When staying in hospital, however, you may wish to receive services that go beyond that standard: perhaps you would like a more comfortable room or wish to be treated by a particular doctor. In that case, you would have to cover the extra cost out of your own pocket, just like a private patient.

Our supplemental hospital plans make sure you do not need to worry about extra expenses any longer. As a private patient you can choose your doctor, consultant or specialist and can stay in a private room.

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Envivas provides a range of hospital plans. You just need to choose the hospital cover that suits your needs best.

KlinikSpezial: our premium hospital plan.

Akut: accident cover for hospital stays.

KHT-Plus: hospital cash benefit to complement our plans KlinikSpezial and Akut.


More comfort during your hospital stay

KlinikSpezial provides maximum comfort and protection should you have to stay in hospital. As it is not limited to particular insured events, it comes with a higher premium.

KlinikSpezial key benefits

  • the plan covers you for 100 per cent of the covered costs of a hospital stay
  • parent accommodation for families with children in hospital
  • private patient status
  • your plan pays €150 if inpatient surgery can be avoided by having outpatient surgery

Children in hospital: If your child is also covered by this plan and needs to stay in hospital, you can keep your child company and stay there too without thinking about the extra cost. This plan pays up to 80 per cent of the cost of accommodation and meals in the hospital for you as parent staying up to 14 days provided your child is not older than nine and you are at least 21 years old.


Comprehensive benefits following an accident

This plan comes with a low premium and gives you some extra protection if you need to stay in hospital due to an accident.

Akut key benefits

  • the plan pays 100 per cent of the insured costs of a hospital stay following an accident
  • private patient status

Interested in buying health insurance?

If you are interested in taking out insurance online, please visit our German website.

Hints and tips for English speakers:
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Good to have on top: KHT-Plus hospital cash benefit to complement our hospital plans

Protection against unexpected expenses

When there is an accident, every second matters. To find out what injuries you have suffered, the doctor may need to cut away your clothes or shoes. Replacing garments or other things that have been damaged can easily cost you a couple of hundred euros – expenses that are not covered by any insurance.

A daily hospital cash benefit can help you cover these unexpected expenses: Our plan pays you a fixed cash benefit for each day you have to stay in hospital. It is up to you to decide what you would like to spend the money on.

Stay flexible: You can determine the amount you would like to receive - up to a maximum of 60 euros per day. You will be paid the amount agreed for the whole time you are in hospital.

KHT-Plus key benefits

  • daily hospital cash benefit
  • not limited to a fixed number of days
  • you can determine the amount you would like to be paid
  • up to 60 euros a day

Good to know: we do not reimburse you for actual expenses, for example the amount you paid for a new pair of shoes. What we pay is a hospital cash benefit which you are free to use any way you like.

All-round protection for your health

The following health plans combine hospital benefits with benefits in other health areas.

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PraxisExtra – Our comprehensive outpatient plan: worldwide travel health insurance for trips up to six weeks combined with other attractive benefits such as outpatient services, including alternative health practitioners (Heilpraktiker), as well as dental services,  prescription glasses and contact lenses.

PraxisTop – Our premium outpatient plan: offers even more benefits than PraxisExtra, for example preventive healthcare such as check-ups and additional dental services.

StarterPlus: For all TK members up to 29 years of age: covers you for inpatient treatment, worldwide travel for up to six weeks, alternative health practitioners, optical products (glasses, contact lenses) and restorative dental work.

More information

VitalExtra – for TK members over 60 years of age: worldwide travel health insurance for trips up to six weeks combined with benefits such as dental services, glasses or contact lenses as well as physical therapies.