Private long term care insurance – protection for your future

The extra service for those insured by the Techniker Krankenkasse

The quick and easy way to find the best care plan for you


  • gives you financial protection should you ever need to receive care services
  • you can define your monthly care benefit individually
  • government-subsidised plan available
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Extra services for TK members
tailor-made for you

Overview of long term care insurance options

- tailor-made for TK members

Our private long term care plans PflegeAktiv and PflegePlus help you as a TK member to protect you from the financial impact should you need to receive care services in the future. Both plans pay a fixed monthly benefit which is based on the level of care required - PfegePlus with a government subsidy. Our top-up plan PflegeExtra provides additional assistance and practical help once care is needed.

All these care plans complement the statutory long term care insurance you have with Techniker Krankenkasse and guarantee a fixed income to help you cover the cost of care. Once you need nursing care, you will receive a monthly payment according to your plan, health status or level of care required, and the monthly benefit that has been agreed. This will reduce your own share of costs considerably. Combining the plans is also possible.


Government-subsidised care: PflegeAktiv

This plan provides ideal protection for every level of care required. The monthly allowance depends on the level of care or degree of care you need (Pflegegrad). It allows you to benefit from a government subsidy of 5 euros per month called 'Pflege-Bahr', named after the minister who introduced this scheme. There is no need for you to do anything – we take care of the paperwork and deduct the amount from your monthly payments.

PflegeAktiv key benefits: 

  • fixed monthly cash benefit without the need to submit proof of actual expenses
  • government-subsidised plan – you save up to 60 euros per year
  • no questions about your health and medical history – easy and hassle-free application process
  • extremely attractive premiums for people who take out a policy early in life


Receive a daily cash benefit and stay flexible

This plan provides comprehensive protection should you need long term nursing care. It pays you a fixed monthly income based on the level of care you require – no matter where you receive care (hospital or as a day patient) and by whom (relative or professional nurse).

According to your needs you can choose between Pflege 2+3 (benefits paid from care level 3 = Pflegegrad 3) and Pflege 3 (benefits paid from care level 4 = Pflegegrad 4). It is possible to adjust your monthly allowance to the increasing cost of care under certain conditions. You can also switch from Pflege3 to Pflege2+3 at certain times.

PflegePlus key benefits:

  • fixed monthly cash benefit without the need to submit proof of actual expenses
  • increase daily benefit or switch to another plan under certain conditions – no health questions and no waiting period  
  • also pays when you are in hospital
  • extremely attractive premiums for people who take out a policy early in life

Top-up plan PflegeExtra

Care manager at your side

PflegeExtra ideally complements both our care plans and provides valuable help when you need it most. One of our professional care managers will answer your questions 24/7. This additional service costs just 1 euro a month and provides prompt advice and assistance. Among the support services offered are finding and coordinating short term care solutions, helping with day-to-day tasks such as shopping and cleaning, and home care services.

If necessary, one of our care managers can also come to your home and discuss suitable support with you.

Please note: This top-up plan is only available to you if you have taken out one of our care plans: PflegeAktiv or PflegePlus. 

PflegeXtra key benefits:

  • telephone and personal counselling service – speak to qualified care managers
  • competent help, for example with application for receiving care benefits
  • help usually provided within 24 hours
  • only 1 euro a month extra

How you can benefit from a private hospital plan

As a public health fund Techniker Krankenkasse can only cover you for medical and hospital charges that have been agreed with the legislator. When staying in hospital, however, there may be certain services you would like to obtain, but which Techniker Krankenkasse is not permitted to pay for as they are not part of the legal framework. This may be a more comfortable room or being treated by a particular doctor. In that case you would have to cover the expenses out of your own pocket, just like a private patient.

Our private hospital plans make sure you do not need to worry about extra expenses any longer. As a private patient you can choose your doctor, consultant or specialist and can stay in a private room.

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