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Overview of our travel health insurance options

- tailor-made for TK members

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For TK members: the perfect medical travel plan for every trip

Accident or illness can happen to all of us – also while travelling. If you are suddenly taken ill on a trip, travelling can be a financial risk too: what if you need to stay in hospital or require medical repatriation?

All our travel health insurance plans provide worlwide protection from medical expenses and assistance when you need it most.

You just need to choose the plan that suits your needs best.

We offer medical travel insurance that covers you for short breaks or longer trips, for business or leisure:

TravelPlus (TravelXN / TravelXF)

Travel as often as you like with one of our annual travel health insurance policies.

With our plans TravelXN (for individuals) and TravelXF (for families) your insurance cover continues automatically unless you cancel your policy with three months' notice (to the end of the policy period).

Your plan provides health cover for every trip you make for up to 60 days - for business and leisure travel.

Individual Plan TravelXN 11.90 euros
Families Plan TravelXF 28.90 euros


A single trip policy for the exact number of days you want to travel

When you stay abroad for longer than eight weeks it is probably because of a job or as a part of a work and travel scheme. That's why we think you should only pay for the exact period you are staying abroad.

You can take out this single trip policy for the exact number of days you want to travel. It also means: your policy ends automatically when your trip ends. Of course you can take out another TravelXL policy for your next longer trip.

Interested in buying travel health insurance?

If you are interested in taking out insurance online, please visit our German website.

Hints and tips for English speakers:
If you need help with our German application form, you can use a browser translation extension. This extension adds a button to your browser toolbar. Click the translate icon whenever you want to translate the page you're visiting. And of course we’ll be happy to help with any questions. Just call our number in Germany: 0221 - 27 14 05 70.

Frequently asked questions

How long before the trip do I have to buy Envivas travel health insurance? Or can I buy it when I’m already abroad?

You can buy travel health insurance any time before you start your trip - but not during your trip.  

Please ensure that you are protected for the whole trip.

Start of travel: The first day of travel abroad is the day of departing from Germany. This is also the inception date. Should your departure be moved to an earlier date, please ensure that you amend your insurance cover accordingly.

End of travel: The last day of your trip is the day you (plan to) arrive back in Germany.

Does health insurance from Envivas for travel abroad apply to private and business trips abroad?

Our health insurance for travel abroad covers you for both private and any business trips abroad within the agreed periods.

How are invoices settled with the doctor abroad with Envivas?

You will receive an invoice from your doctor for any private treatment abroad. You will need to pay this invoice and then claim for reimbursement of the insured portion of costs from Envivas.

The costs are reimbursed by Envivas.

Please send original documents, stating your insurance policy number to:

Envivas Krankenversicherung AG,
Gereonswall 68,
50670 Cologne, Germany

Invoices must contain the following information:

Surname, first name, the person treated, description of the illness, treatment duration, date of treatment, fees for individual treatments.

Outpatient, inpatient and dental care

Our plans do not have a euro limit on medically necessary services and procedures. Whether you need medical help from a doctor, hospital, physiotherapist or dentist, the plan pays 100 per cent of all medical costs. This includes prescription medication, dressings and physical therapies.

Medical repatriation

Medical repatriation can be live-saving, but it can also be very expensive! We cover 100 per cent of the additional cost of taking you to a hospital in Germany if it is medically advisable and reasonable. The plan also covers 100 per cent of the cost of ambulance services to the nearest hospital or emergency doctor if it is medically necessary.

Search and rescue

If you have an accident during a hiking trip, you may not be able to reach a hospital or doctor without help. We pay up to 2,500 euros per insured event in case of evacuation, rescue and search.

Return of remains

When the worst happens, family members shouldn't have to worry about whether the deceased can be repatriated to Germany or buried locally. This is for them to decide.
In any case we cover 100 per cent of the cost of a local burial and the return of remains to Germany (maximum 30,000 euros for TravelXL and maximum of 15,000 euros for TravelPlus).

Care and travel escort services for underage children.

TravelXN and TravelXF: we pay 100 per cent of the cost of a travel escort for your child if either the parent is covered under one of our travel policies or the child is. The plan pays provided all people travelling with the child are in hospital, need to be repatriated or have died.
TravelXL: we pay up to 5,000 euros towards the cost of an escort for your child and 100 per cent of the cost of the return trip.

Visitors from home

You are travelling alone and have to stay in hospital for a while. Perhaps a loved one wants to visit you abroad. Under certain conditions, we pay 100 per cent of the cost of a return trip for a person visiting you (TravelXN and TravelXF).

Assistance services

When there is a medical emergency abroad, financial protection is often not enough. What you need is someone to answer urgent questions, arrange services or help with language barriers.
Our medical emergency helpdesk is available for you 24/7 – every day of the year.

Here are some examples of what we can do for you. We can help:

  • inform your GP (general practitioner) in Germany and arrange talks between local doctors and doctors at home
  • inform you about pharmaceutical products available abroad
  • name interpreters and find doctors or dentists who speak foreign languages
  • forward information to family members
  • arrange ambulance services and medical repatriation
  • arrange a local burial service or the return of remains to Germany

All-round protection for your health

Complement your travel health package with additional benefits.

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PraxisExtra – Our comprehensive outpatient plan: worldwide travel health insurance for trips up to six weeks combined with other attractive benefits such as outpatient services, including services offered by alternative health practitioners (Heilpraktiker) as well as dental services and optical products.

More information

PraxisTop – Our premium outpatient plan: offers even more benefits than PraxisExtra, for example preventive healthcare such as check-ups and additional dental services.

More information

StarterPlus – for TK members up to 29 years of age: worldwide travel health insurance for trips up to six weeks combined with other benefits such as inpatient services, restorative dental services, glasses or contact lenses as well as services offered by alternative health practitioners (Heilpraktiker).

More information

VitalExtra – for TK members over 60 years of age: worldwide travel health insurance for trips up to six weeks combined with benefits such as dental services, glasses or contact lenses as well as physical therapies.

More information